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Past and Future

Digital Dialects was launched in January 2007, originally a by-product of a dissertation reviewing web resources for language learning. The site was conceived as an educational tool for learning languages, and as a guide to online resources.

All animation and webpage design is by Craig Gibson. The animated activities are intended to incorporate the interactivity of computer aided language learning software with the web-design principle of simplicity in use and access. The games are intended to provide a relaxed way of acquiring basic language skills, a break from the books!

The site will continue to be a work in progress, and it is intended that Digital Dialects will represent the World’s major languages, with a cross-section of languages from diverse regions. Audio files have been incorporated into animations for certain languages, and more audio materials are planned.


Information for Webmasters

Materials on Digital Dialects are free to use. Webmasters are welcome to link to either the homepage or to the language sections. For information on usage and copyright issues please refer to the Terms and Conditions section. If you are a Webmaster and would like to trade links write to the email address given below. Please note that the links sections on this website serve as resource guides for language learners and feature only sites that contain a substantial amount of free to use materials.


About the Creator

Craig Gibson has worked for a variety of education and non-profit institutions in the fields of e-learning, educational resource management and information management. He holds an MA in Education and International Development, and an MSc in Web Information Management, and has spent several years studying Dutch, Hindi, Japanese and Spanish.

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