To begin communicating in the French language you should practice speaking with French people using such phrases and salutations as the ones provided in these interactive educational materials. Learning phrases and greetings helps you to learn French grammar and sentence structure. In this game you will learn to ask the French person if they speak English 'parlez vous anglais?', and learn to say 'how are you? 'Comment allez-vous?', and begin to express basic wants and needs while traveling in French speaking countries. To study a few more travel phrases in French, play phrases game 2.Listen to the audio given with the phrases list before playing the game for learning correct French pronunciation. If you choose 'without audio' the written sentence will appear at the top of the screen. Even travelers to French speaking countries should learn a few greetings and basic words in the language. Choose the option of phrases audio or for quiet study environments try the phrases words (without audio).Common seasonal or holiday greetings such as 'Merry Christmas' and 'Happy birthday' can be found on the Happy birthday in French page. Interactive online educational materials for revision and language practice.