Learn Basque online with language learning games

Digital Dialects Basque learning games are free to use, do not require registration, and are suitable for kids and adult learners. Each Basque study topic includes wordlists and practice exercises with audio for teaching correct Basque pronunciation. Basque language arts game that employ an easy and quick learning methodology suitable for independent language study and incorporation into classroom lesson plans . Wordlists, phrase lists and vocabulary drills with audio for learning correct pronunciation. Pick the topic you wish to study, learn the words or phrases and test your Basque with the game.

About the Basque language:

Basque is spoken by around 750,000 people, most of who live in the Basque country, a region in northern Spain and southwestern France. Many more Basque people in the region understand the Basque language to some extent but speak Spanish or French as their first language. Most Basque speakers live in the Spanish Basque regions, where the language was suppressed for many years during the mid 20th century. In 1978 Basque became a co-official language in Spains's Basque country. The Basque language is not related to any existing language and is the only surviving pre-Indo-European language still spoken in Western Europe.

Basque language learning games online include:

Basque phrases - begin your studies by learning to say hello in Basque, and asking how someone is. Great resource for learning a few greetings before visiting the Basque country. Language learning exercise with native Basque audio. If you'd like to brush up on some common salutations for a weekend trip to the Basque country or to surprise a Basque friend, visit our how to say hello in Basque page.

Numbers in Basque: learn to count from 1 to 20. Start your Basque studies with the 1-12 numbers game. For continuing on to 20 try the 13-20 quiz. Arithmetic games in which you add the words for numbers together to choose the correct answer. Audio for learning to pronounce the Basque numbers is provided on the introduction page.

Fruit and vegetable game - 15 useful words for fruit and vegetables in Basque language. Basic quiz with native audio for beginners to Basque and those needing to go the veggie market.

Colors in Basque - 11 common colors words. Fun intuitive language arts quiz suitable for kids, beginner adults, and various learning styles.

Basque vocabulary builder - move up a skill level with this multiple choice Basque game for memorizing 48 new words. Audio provided by a Basque speaker.

Animals in Basque - learn the vocabulary for animals in the Basque language. Fun colorful and interactive language arts learning task with Basque audio.

Basque language learning links - a short guide to online resources for studying the Basque language for free. A further list of Basque language study resources can be found on Euskalkultura's learn Basque page.